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The Whole Cacao

The Whole Cacao economic model is a simplified framework designed to illustrate a complicated process, using mathematical and procedural techniques. A theoretical construct representing microindustrial processes (see micromanufacturing) by a set of post-harvest variables and logical, quantitative relationships between them. Through enhanced use of information and technology, CocoaEthika improves quality turning waste into value while providing a transparent replicable process. 

-Eliminate waste through monetizing cacao pods, juice, and husk.

-Eliminate waste by creating communities through merging farming & processing communities with manufacturing (FPM).

-Create value by raising commodity & product quality.

-Create value through increasing accuracy and quantity of commodity & product transparency data.

-Connect FPM communities directly with the retail market.

For more information or to get the app, please visit: (available soon-under construction)


Having made a reasoned choice of which post-harvest processing variables and which relationships between these variables are relevant, we have determined a way of recording, analyzing and presenting this information via a useful smartphone application that will be available soon.

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