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Osa Peninsula Cacao Beans


CocoaEthika has built a supply chain by partnering with local small scale farmers who were already farming cacao on the Osa Peninsula.  We pay generously for wet mass. 

Through sourcing wet cacao mass and purchasing directly at farm gate in order to ferment at a centralized processing facility, we are able to provide farm-level traceability and detailed information about fairly purchased cacao. The Whole Cacao processing model requires that each product derived be labeled with specific information and details about who was directly involved in growing, harvesting and processing.    In 2016 CocoaEthika had the ability to process (ferment/cure/transport/warehouse) up to 4000 kilos of wet cacao mass per harvest. For 2017 that capacity should be tripled with plans on scaling up to as much as 18 tons in the coming years through building infrastructure and a partner planting initiative.

Please Sign up below and Ben or Blanca will contact you with prices and information on products available for purchase. 

Don Juvinile Castro, Cacao Farmer who in is 90's still works on his farm alongside his 79 year old little brother Jose Castro. 

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